Fun and Games....

So now that you've decided you want your own patch on the internet what is the next step?  Here is a quick guide to what you will need to do and know.

Step One  - Shop Around

We like to think we offer quite a unique and competitive service, but it is always worth having a look around. Maybe a different host is better suited to your specific needs and requirements. Do some searches online and see if there are any reviews, or further information, some hosts for instance offer a free domain with their packages (we don't), it's always worth seeing if the grass really is greener.

Step Two - Buy a Domain

We feel domain ownership should remain separate from hosting, this way you remain in full control over your web address and are not tied down or feel obliged to remain with a particular host. The domain is uniquely yours and you're free to point it at whatever web server you like. We recommend using a reputable domain registrar in order to register a domain name.  Domains last normally for two years, though can be purchased for longer.  It's always worth seeing whether other tlds (Top level domains, ie .com, .net, have been claimed for the domain you are after, and if it is a really good idea claiming the main ones may be worth the additional expense in the long run.  Some of the domain registrars we like for UK domains (and even .com domains) include and, but like step one says, shop around as prices change quite often, especially with regard to international domains.

Step Three - Choose a package

Once you have a domain have a think about your space requirements.  Look at our packages and choose one you feel will work best for you and your site. Remember you can always change this at any time. Sign up for an account. Please ensure you have read our Terms of Service.

Step Four - Update your nameservers

While your account is being set up update your nameservers on your domain registrants control panel(see our domains page for info). Nameservers are essentially what your domain uses to point it at a particular web server (think of it as the internets way of looking up a phone number, by converting your websites address into an ip address) Nameservers can take up to 48 hours to update and propagate around the internet.  Unless otherwise notified the nameservers for plantpot web are;

Once the nameservers have propagated and your account is set up you are ready to use your new webspace.